Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

            Education is the base of our future ahead. In Indonesia, we have to study for at least 12 years, 6 years for elementary school, 3 years for middle school, and 3 years for high school. We can’t go to university or working if we don’t have three graduation sertificates. That means that in Indonesia you have to be educated enough to work. Because actually, educated people is the future of the country. They’re the one who lead the country to the better future.

            But I think there are some flaws in our educational system. In Indonesia, we have to learn all subjects. If we are not good on some of it, well, we have to. This mindset shut down the brain’s ability to thrive. Some people are good in some field, let them grow on that field. That way, we would have those experts we need. Of course, we have to teach them the basic of some important subjects. But if we need an experts to build Indonesia to a better future, we have to let them grow at the field they like, the field they’re good at, so that they can enjoy what they learn and be the best on that field.

            If you want to get a good job with high salary, you have to be a graduate of a good university too. If you want to get into a good university, you have to have a good score in most of the subjects. This mindset teach us to get a good score, not understanding the subject. Some people got into a good university even though they actually didn’t know what they know. That’s what usually happened. They lean on good grades that we don’t know if it’s a clean score or not. We have to change this. We have to understand. We must understand. That way we can get a good score and be the ‘quality seeds’ who build Indonesia to a better future.

Now, time. We study at school for about 8 hours or so. And then we have a course after school for 3 hours. At home, we study again for about 2 hours. So basically we study for 13 hours a day. Thirteen hours. I just realized that we spent half of our day and another half to sleep, eat, and rest. Or maybe some of us spend the ‘rest’ time on the road or maybe another course? I don’t know. Its just tiring. Me, as a student, I feel tired. 13 hours of study, not to mention the tasks, the daily tests, and others. Its hard. But maybe they’re trying to make us a good generation. The next generation who can fix this country. But still, we need the time to actually rest and having fun. Maybe we can just take those subjects we’re good at, back to paragraph 2. That way, we can take our education seriously because we like it and actually enjoy it.

 Another things we have to learn are responsibility, leadership, independence, honesty, how to work with people, etc. That was some aspects that we must have to build this country to a better future. We are the next generation. We are the one who directly build this country. So we have to study well and actually understand what we learn so that we can practice it in the real situation.

That was some thing I want to share about the education system in Indonesia and what we need to do to help build Indonesia to a better future. I hope this opinion of mine can be considered because this is what I think we have to do if we want to build Indonesia to a better future. I’m Indonesian. I want the best for my country. So students, study well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mobile Phones Have Made Life Worse, Not Better

            In this era, everybody have mobile phones or handphone. I’m sure you have at least one too. It seems that mobile phone has become a need in our life. It give us so many advantages but surely, it have some disadvantages too. But do you think that handphone have made life worse? For me, I don’t think so.

            There may be some disadvantages from mobile phones. Sometimes people are too serious with their phone that they don’t care with their surrounding anymore. And there are so many bad people who use mobile phone as their arena to do bad things like tricking people, robbing, kidnapping, or maybe for killing too.

            But mobile phones have so many advantages too. With mobile phone, we don’t have to deliver a message by travelling or by post anymore. There are phone calls, messages, and now there are social media for messaging as well such as LINE, Kakao Talk, WhatsApp, and much more. Long time ago, people went to post office to send a message or a letter. And it took a few days or almost a week for the message to be delivered. What would happened if someone must deliver an important message but the message would only arrived a few days later? Well I say it would be too late. Before post office existed, people should deliver it by themselves. They had to sail far away only to deliver a message. It took time and energy. But now, we can send a message in seconds. Its so fast yet helpful.

            People nowadays cant get too far without internet. Internet have so many uses for us. You need to know something? Go to Wikipedia. You’re looking for something? Go to Google. You want to send a message to your friend who live far away? You can use Yahoo or Google Mail. Internet have so many uses and we can go to the internet easily with only a mobile phones. Now, your mobile phones can access the internet easily. So you don’t have to bring your PC everywhere to go to the internet, just use the mobile phone. You can connect it to wifi and it also can be a wifi for other gadget. It also have Bluetooth so you can send things easily. Mobile phone is so small, so light, and its not taking too much place. You can place it in your bag or in your pocket and it won’t burden you.

            And if you’re bored? Mobile phone have so many interesting games for you to play. You just have to download it and you’ll be free from boredom. Or you can listen to music. Or you can watch a video. You like reading? There’s something called e-books and you can read it in your mobile phones. Mobile phones also have a camera. On the newest handphone, they usually have 2 cameras, back camera and front camera. You can take a picture or a selfie and you don’t have to bring an SLR or pocket camera! It have so many fitures in it that can help you in almost everything.

            That was some advantages from mobile phones. It was only a few of it. We can talk about this for a loooooong long time if you want to know all the advantages of mobile phones. So, you still want to say that mobile phones have made life worse? Its so helpful, of course it makes life better!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson

Okay this is hard. This task is so hard because I don't know which novel I should brought up! I've read plenty of novels until finally my choice fell on Percy Jackson Series!

On the picture above, you can see 10 novels but no, its not one series but two. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and The Heroes of Olympus series. Both series are full of Greek mythology (and Roman in the 2nd series).

The main character of each series is of course, Percy Jackson. Born on August 18 with the name of Perseus Jackson. He befriended Grover Underwood who happened to be a Satyr (half human half goat). After an incident in a Greek Museum, Percy found out that his father was one of Olympians. His father was Poseidon, God of the Sea. After that, Percy was brought to Camp Half-Blood, a place where demigod, a half human half god (like Percy), train. There he met Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.

After that, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth were involved in some dangerous adventure which also involves mythological creatures like gods, titans, and monsters.

The first series focused on the fight between Olympians x Demigods and Kronos, the Titan. The climax of this series is in the last book, The Last Olympian. In the last book, the demigods, leaded by Percy, fought Kronos. The way Rick Riordan wrote the scenes felt so real. It made me tense and felt like I was inside the story.

Meanwhile, the second series focused on the fight between Olympians x Demigods and Gaea, Primordial Goddess of Earth. There are seven main character in this series. Percy Jackson (Son of Poseidon), Annabeth Chase (Daughter of Athena), Jason Grace (Son of Zeus), Piper McLean (Daughter of Aphrodite), Leo Valdez (Son of Hephaestus), Frank Zhang (Son of Mars/Ares), and Hazel Levesque (Daughter of Pluto/Hades).

The sequel series is far more exciting than the first series. But I think you should read the first series to understand the second.

BELIEVE ME THIS NOVELS ARE SO GOOD. Believe it or not, I've read these novels for like ... what? 4 times? Its worth every second.

I finally finished this post yeay! After a long time thinking about which novel I should brought up. /happy tears/

Nah okay that's all. Greek Mythology is fun, guys. BYE!

Dream Job?

Hello fellas! It's been a long long time:) There were some things happened lately but now I'm back! This time I'm gonna tell you about my dream job.

The truth is, I haven't figured it out.

There's so many kind of job that I wanted to be but until now I haven't found 'the one', if you know what I mean. At first, I've decided what I wanted to be. But now it keeps changing. At first I wanted to be a police, and then I wanted to be a doctor, this one lasted long enough until it turned to be a psychologist. One moment I even wanted to be an FBI agent!

Is it confusing? Well, I'm confused.
I feel like I didn't stand out in any subject. One moment I felt like I was good at math. One moment, english. And then chemistry. And then blablabla it goes on and on and on like that.

At first, I have one goal, to be a doctor. But lately I started to doubt myself. Could I survive in Medical? Will I succeed? Or will I fail? Ugh this is tiring can I stop and just get married? (Okay the last question is imaginary)

So, until now I haven't decided what my dream job is. Would you come and help me? (Hehe)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What is PEACE?

According to Wikipedia, PEACE is a period of harmony between different social groups that is characterized by lack of violence or conflict behaviors, and the freedom from fear of violence. Shortly, peace is a state where there is no conflict or disturbance.

I'm sure that every country wants peace. Everyone wants peace. Imagine yourself living without problems and all. It must be a really good life. But ego, hate, etc. prevents us to feel what peace is. There will always be some people who think that they're better than others. That they're deserve better than others. That they need to be specialized. Peace is actually not impossible to be reached. But it's hard.

There's actually so many opinions about peace. Some of opinions are based on religion. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc all have their own opinions, but in fact essentially the same. I will take so example.

Al-Qur'an 48 :4

The quotes above is taken from Islam's holy book, Al-Qur'an. From that quotes, we can conclude that peace is given by God. And
we can also conclude that everyone is born with 'peace'. So we actually can have peace if we want to because we have it in ourselves.

Statements about peace is not only expressed by each religions, but also people. Some famous people we probably knew also said their opinions aloud. One of them is Albert Einstein.

What I got from the quotes above is that we can not force peace. There is no peace by force. We have to understand each other, to trust each other to find peace. Like, can you have peace with someone if you don't understand him/her at all? No. All you'd got is only bickering and conflict and etc. Not peace. So if you want to achieve peace, you have to understand. Understand you surrounding.

So that was our little chit chat about peace. Its okay if you have different way of thinking. That makes you you :) We just need to understand each other to get a sense of peace among us ((Aawww isn't it cheesy?))

Okay guys that's all. I'm actually in the mood for writing but I don't know what to write :(
But that's okay. I'll see you next time!



What do you have in mind when you heard the word 'LEADER'?
Leader is 'someone who leads'? Okay we could think of it that way. But actually, a leader is someone who guide, who taught, who push, who inspire, and some other 'who'. And its not that easy to be a good leader.

First, you have to have a Commitment.
A leader need to lead by example. You have to give motivation to your team by showing them that the hard work is done by every level, to prove your commitment. With that you'll not only gain respect from your team, but also trust.

Second, its Honesty.
A team is a reflection of its leader. So if the leader put honesty as the basis of his/her action, the team will follow suit.

Third, Communication.
Being able to explain clearly about your vission is important. If you can't explain your vission to the team, you won't be able to work towards the same goal. And with that, the goal would never be reached. So in this case, communication is very important.

Lastly, you have to be Confident and have a Positive Mind.
As the leader, by staying confident and keep thinking positive, you will help the team to feel the same. And you will also help to build up their motivation. What will happen if the leader is unconfident and always so negative? Simple. The team will also feel the same, and the goal would never be reached. So, in order to reach the goal and to motivate the team, a leader must always be confident and positive thinking.

That was all I think is needed to become a good leader. And its not that easy, don't you think? After you have all that points above, you'll get the respect and trust from your team. Your team will rely on you because you're the leader. You're the one who lead them to the success. So do you have all the things needed to be a good leader?

Wow what a serious talking we did. And I think I should end it seriously also.
So guys, see you next time :)
((I call it serious ok. No comment.))


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


This time I will take you to Asia Afrika. Let's enjoy a hystorical walk!

For your information, there is some hystorical building at this street such as Gedung Merdeka. And for last KAA event, our mayor, Ridwan Kamil, has remodel this street soooo beautifully.

Asia Afrika Monument

Gedung Merdeka
Nah, peeps, that was some pics of new Asia Afrika. Some of the buildings are still under construction. But that didn't stop tourists and other people to take a photo there ((and share it on instagram and such of course!)).
Trust me people, if you haven't go to the new Asia Afrika street, you. are. not. living.
((believe it or not, I said that to my friend once))


Along the way, there are name-carved-stone-balls of a country that is a member of KAA.
Those balls ((or stones)) are so beautiful and creative! ((I salute you, RK))

I found South Korea's ball ((or stone)) once and took a picture with it ((you know, like sitting on it and pose and then share it and yadayadayada.)) ((and I want to follow the trend that time hohoho))

And peeps, believe me when I can't just write about Asia Afrika street here.
end of discussion.

That's all.
See you at Asia Afrika street?

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